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Picarto Livestream is live

2017-09-09 08:58:03 by BazookaBonsai

Stream is life. Come say hi.

081116 Livestream!

2016-11-08 12:00:15 by BazookaBonsai


061116 Livestream

2016-11-06 12:00:05 by BazookaBonsai

New livestream up for y'all to look over my shoulder and breath very uncomfortably close to my neck.

051116 Stream running

2016-11-05 13:00:57 by BazookaBonsai

Come along! Bring your friends.

Project Announcement "The world engine"

2016-10-03 17:33:24 by BazookaBonsai




Hello fellas,

I am very excited about announcing my greatest artistic endeavor yet. An entire high quality, extensive artbook, packed from cover to back with an all new series of illustrations.

The book and its featured artworks will paint a world where the natural order has been usurped by technology, painting a warped and alien new world. It will lead you through the world through the eyes of an entity exploring this place and meeting its many different inhabitants, all of which found new ways to ensure their survival in this world. It will explore ideas and ask questions about nature and man's place within it, with a particular focus on the subject of transhumanism.

The goal is to have it ready for release by Q2 2017, where you can purchase it from any partnering online storefront.


For the sake of keeping everything neat, tidy and easy to follow, I will establish a development blog for this project very soon. Throughout the project, I am going to keep you up to date with the state of affairs, providing sketches, WiPs and much more. Don't miss out on it!





250916 Stream

2016-09-25 14:16:54 by BazookaBonsai

Hop on

230916 stream

2016-09-23 14:03:32 by BazookaBonsai

come along, bring your friends!

090916 Blitzstream

2016-09-09 14:02:57 by BazookaBonsai

We're doing a caricature!

070916 Blitzstream (OFFLINE :( )

2016-09-07 14:02:28 by BazookaBonsai

COme and join in as I work on my AfterEffects Animation.


2016-09-05 15:43:28 by BazookaBonsai